As a child growing up in Houston, my father was a renowned home designer, and served as my mentor in his field.  At a young age, I began designing and building custom homes, cabinets, and furniture pieces.   More recently, I have been working with my sister Jo Hyman in applying venetian plaster to living spaces in several designer homes. An emerging artist herself, she  encouraged me to take my talent to another level, by creating my own style of wall art with the same Venetian plaster techniques we had been using on the walls of homes.  After experimenting with several new techniques, I feel I have discovered  an untapped talent, most likely inherited from both my dad and aunt, who were both artists.  Each time I begin a new piece, I am naturally led to a spontaneous level of artistry until the moment of completion.  After several designers from across the country began to show an interest in my work, I felt even more inspired to continue creating original works, thus Wells Plaster Art was born!